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Things I’m reading

I figured, with this initial post, I would begin with giving a list of the things I’ve read this year (as of May 2016) and am in the process of reading. The list isn’t too long (so I included  a couple of things that I finished in Dec 2015), I’m terribly inconsistent with my reading. I’d like to read a chapter a day from each of these works but normally never get much past 10-12 pages from one alone. These are in no particular order.

Books I’ve finished (as of May 2016)

Each one of these was excellent. I highly recommend each for your own personal enjoyment and education. My personal favorite Was by far Gregg Frazer’s book, though all are equally fantastic. I inserted links to each on Amazon if you are interested.

Books I’m currently working on (as of May 2016)

So that’s it, as far as published works go. I’ve read dozens more articles, a dissertation or two, and have a plethora of works I am waiting to open (I have to finish one of the currently reading ones before I add one to the queue). I also have quite a few in my Amazon wish list that I am looking to purchase in the near future, so the list keeps growing. I was never much of a reader in the past; I think I’ve read about 10-15 books (that contain over 50 pages) in my entire life (I’m in my 31st year of life). But a few years ago I got inspired to study Theology with everything I have and in the process got hooked into reading. I mainly read theological work but do want to delve into some less thought provoking literature. Though, I’d love to get a concise history of Pirates… however I don’t think something I’m looking for exists as of the current time.