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Fundamental information to possess…

…information to possess, about me and how I think. Well, how I think about theology specifically; as apposed to the rest of life, which I have stated in my about me is crucial towards any and every worldview.

In this, my second post, I have decided to give a no doubt brief but necessary overview on my theological hermeneutic. I could most certainly suss this out further(and surely will), but for now a few names and theological positions should suffice.

First the Theologians and Scholars I admire…

  • Dr. James White

His debates, lectures, webcast/podcast, study through the book of Hebrews, and exegesis of John 6 have gotten me through so much troubled study and wayward thinking. I was studying his stuff before I knew what exactly Calvinism or the Doctrines of Grace (more on this in a moment) were. Find his ministry at aomin.org

  • Dr. Art Azurdia

I’ve known about this fellow brother since the early 2000’s. His were the only sermons that could keep me awake while driving… a problem I used to have with sermons and with driving. His 5 part series on T.U.L.I.P. solidified my love of compatibilism. His series on the the Book of Ruth, Acts, and Ecclesiastes are equally special. Find much of his work here and here. His most recent history is saddening but his past work is no less beneficial.

  • Dr. D.A. Carson

His lectures, sermons, and books are immeasurably important to me. I could listen to his Americanized Canadian accent for hours, and often do. The three lectures and two sermons I would highly implore one to listen to are, The Intolerance of Tolerance, The New Perspective on Paul, Lectures on the book of Revelation, Getting excited about Melchizedek, and The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.

  • Dr. John Piper

In my opinion Dr. Piper’s fervor for and love of the Gospel and Christ is about as close as we can get to the apostle Paul 2000 years removed. If you haven’t heard of Piper yet, and you’re a Christian, odds are you have and don’t even realize it yet. Two words and four sermons: Christian Hedonism, GLORY!, The Book of Job Part 1 and Part 2, Judas Iscariot, the Suicide of Satan, and the Salvation of the World.

  • Dr. Michael Heiser

If you haven’t heard of him, you should. I don’t agree with everything Dr. Heiser concludes, but his work surrounding the OT, the divine council, and first century Judaism is (in my opinion) so beneficial to studying scripture and living out the Christian life they should not be ignored. His website is here.

  • John Calvin

Go read The Institutes of the Christian Religion.

  • Johnathan Edwards

Yale has the entire works of Johnathan Edwards for free on their website and in an app. Go read the Freedom of the Will and The End Which God Created the World.

  • Charles H. Spurgeon

He’s called the prince of preachers for a reason. If I were to give even 10 reasons to read his works/sermons it would not be enough.

  • Alan Kurschner

Brother Kurschner doesn’t do too much outside eschatology, but the points he makes need to be heard and addressed if one is to come to final conclusions… find his website here. He is also the man who taught me Koine Greek.

Everyone of these men have shaped my theological thinking greatly, and to a large extent my thinking in general. Though I don’t agree with everything they say, their use and exposition of scripture and various theological doctrines has been of great import to my spiritual and mental growth. I consider each of these men solid Christian teachers and scholars, and would recommend each to everyone (Dr. Michael Heiser has some weird stuff so you should probably get some background work he does before diving too deep). The Lord has used them mightily in my life and I cannot recommend their resources enough to diligent human imagers of God.

Finally the Theological positions/doctrines I hold to (not all but primary)…

  • Calvinism/Doctrines of Grace/Compatibilism

It is well known this emits controversy, most of the names above can address this much more fully than I ever could…

  • Divine Council

Important topic and should be addressed, see Michael Heiser’s work on the subject here.

  • Reformed/Covenant theology and Dispensational theology

I am in neither and both of these camps(Classical dispensationalism is abhorrent and straight from hell). I’m more of a mixture of the two, but more in line with covenant theology.

Addendum… I’ve come to discover a position on this, entitled Progressive Covenantalism. Here and here are two resources.

  • Historic Premillennial eschatology

I am thoroughly apposed to premill/pretrib, postmillennialism, and full preterism. I don’t have the time to explain any of these things… sorry. The lectures from D.A. Carson I linked above are a good starting place.

  • Biblical feminism/complementarianism

Sort of a term I coined myself, so far as I can tell or at least how I utilize it. I’ll make a post concerning this subject soonish… I hope. It is related to the next one…

  • Male headship/complementarianism

This is related to the last one.

  • Corporate headship

This point lay under the banner of the whole covenantal/dispensational theology debate, this is sort of my stand with the Covenantalist’s; though they don’t “rule the day” with corporate headship, dispensationalists deemphasize it..

  • Progressive revelation

One of the most essential hermeneutics of reading Scripture and doing theology biblically. Paul does it, so does Jesus, we should too.

  • Christ centered Gospel driven

Peter, Paul and Jesus set the standard, we must follow.

That should do it. If none of these things interests you, then you have very little business ever reading anything I write. This is where I start, wether or not it is mentioned explicitly it is profoundly implicit by intention.

Blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ upon you.

ο Ιησούς είναι Κύριος

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