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A Final Introduction, possibly?…

I’ve gotten three posts into this blog and have only been describing my own likes and thought processes. This, of course, is by design. I haven’t touched on two subjects that are, in my opinion, most important to my daily life; how I experience situations, interact with people and things, listen to the news, and so on and so forth. In this fourth blog I want to focus on one thing in particular…


      Yep, you read that right, I am a minimalist. Let me define what I mean by minimalist and what I don’t mean.

By minimalist I mean I try to keep to a minimum of worldly items that distract me from more important endeavors. Wether it be money, clothes, food, electronic devices, or toys, or anything of this ilk, I try to keep things to a modicum of necessity. I have a great deal of reasons why I do this but they all get boiled down to one essential concern…
They are distractions…
What exactly they are distracting from, in the course of my life, have changed a bit in recent years, but the minimizing of distractions remains foremost in my purposes of limiting these temporary pleasures.

I do not mean I do not have nor want worldly things. For instance, I am writing this out on a computer I bought about a month prior. I haven’t had one for two years. Prior to that, I used someone else’s computer or had various hand me down PC’s. I found a need for one so I went and purchased it.
I have a cell phone, an iPhone to be precise. I never wanted either a cell phone or an iPhone, but a necessity of sorts was presented to me so they both happened in time. I try to use the iPhone as efficiently as I can–not having unnecessary apps clogging it up, not having it be attached to my ear–so as to assist in the endeavor I might be taking. I have toys.
I have a drum set, I have rock climbing gear, and I will own a bicycle again soon–these are not the full list of my toys but the main ones I do have–I don’t use them all of the time, but I see their purpose better than the possibility of becoming distracted.

Now none of these precautions keeps me from getting distracted by other things, even my own anti-distraction devices distract me at times. It is part of being human I suppose. Things that we find of less importance creep in and become desires we never thought we should have. They then begin to consume us and before we know it we are enslaved to something new, like binge watching YouTube (so guilty, I am so guilty). Sure watching cat videos, documentaries on the 90’s Bulls team, Michael Jordan highlights, or people playing video games is entertaining (to some) but one cat video is more than enough cuteness.

That Bulls team was the best but I don’t need reminders.

Michael Jordan highlights don’t need to be re-watched multiple times in a sitting.

And watching too many video games is just as bad as playing them.

If I’m not doing something that fundamentally helps edify my soul towards the gospel of Christ then it should be looked at as suspect.

If I’m watching or reading something that does not give me knowledge that can be used later to inform someone about the gospel of Christ, it is suspect.

If material objects, in this presently fading world, are distracting me from promoting Jesus Christ and his gospel, then I need to reevaluate their purpose.

The next post will be a final intro into who I am. I’ll say a little of my past and what of it shaped me into who sits before this material computer (it’s a Mac), typing purposeful letters onto a screen so that you can process them and, hopefully, use them to un-distract you from the endeavor at hand.

Blessings from God the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ,                                                              Daniel.

p.s. I’ve never seen the movie the picture above is from.

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