What Christians need to know about USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO 206)

Originally posted on Dallascernment:
News came to the Christian twittersphere yesterday via Dr. White that the U.S. Navy is naming a ship after homosexual rights icon Harvey Milk.  I have nothing unique to contribute in terms of the record of Harvey Milk’s life, but I am a seven-year Navy veteran who specialized in floating gray vessels,…

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What’s more important? The things farther away from you, or closer to home?

It depends on the means God has given you... I think.


When fear succumbs to conviction…

I’m not afraid of too many things, but the few that I am afraid of stack upon each other and prevent me from a big conviction I have. Encouragement. This weekend was my local church’s family campout, I’ve been waiting for it for a year. I grew up camping with my family and the family…… Continue reading When fear succumbs to conviction…