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What’s more important? The things farther away from you, or closer to home?

What’s more important? The things farther away from you, or closer to home?…

This is something most Christians, let alone people in general, ask. I do myself, what with all the chaos in the world going on. Just consider the murderous events in Germany, France, and around different cities in the United States. These few things have garnered the headlines in the most recent days and weeks. It is very right to be concerned for the victims and the families of the perpetrators. Not only them but the officials, heads of state, and the emergency personnel who have to deal with the aftermath. They all need prayers for guidance, bringing the perpetrators to right justice, and most importantly repentance and faith in the only thing that will bring about a correctly established Justice, Jesus Christ. But I am far removed, tangibly, from these things. There is not much I can do but pray, and when a moment comes, give my time and resources.

But that’s just it, the time that is coming for me to give my direct time and resources, is when these moments hit my proverbial backyard e.g. my city or locality. These things are horrible, and that must not be diminished, but there are just as pressing needs in the area I (and every other Christian) am in. Beyond the burden I have for my family struggles, of which I do as much as comes to mind within my capabilities, I have a great burden for young people (18-30), the unmarried, and the homeless. I can’t get the thoughts of them out of my mind.
So much so I wrote about it in my prayer journal today to try and alleviate the thought struggle that I’m not acting fast enough not doing enough to propel the means of which I seek to get this sort of ministry going. I have great fear and trepidation in confronting the public sphere, I have spoken about that here. But I have a sovereign God, so excuses are an easy rebuttal to just shut down. One thing I have been procrastinating on is seeking to participate in events and things within my community. Things that are not “christianized.” Those things are a great way to go out and seek the lost, preaching the gospel to those who have never heard it in its Biblical fullness. It’s not something I feel someone should do alone or unprepared. You’d be hard-pressed to find ample Biblical precedent for it, apart from Philip witnessing to the Ethiopian eunuch–but Don’t tell me he wasn’t prepared before hand in some fashion.

The concept of the ‘lone-ranger Christian’ is alien to scripture. It’s that one thing that perpetuates my slowness to action, that I’m having a hard time finding someone devoted to these burdens as I am, within my local church or someone in another local church body.

That would be dloneelightful, I’m all about local churches working in concert with each other, it shows gospel unity. Perhaps it’s just my negativity towards my own abilities that keeps me from getting out there quicker. However, I do feel that when I really start living more and more towards my convictions towards gospel ministry, branching further out towards the things not in my local vicinity will come without notice. Now that I’ve shared my own convictions and some of the deepest prayers I have, I pray you consider the same sorts of ideas about your own local communities. “Blessed are the feet that carry the good news.” Romans 10:15 my paraphrase

“The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And the let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.” -Rev 22:17 NASB

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