What Christians need to know about USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO 206)

I appreciate remembering people who make a difference towards furthering qualities that God finds to be honorable, e.g. peace, love, defense of the unborn, speaking for those who may have no voice, and most importantly the furtherance of the gospel. But this decision by the country of my birth is an outright defiance of all those biblically mandated principles. The author of the following blog article has spoken rightly, in my opinion, and honestly on the subject of Christian discernment concerning our(as Christians) response to the issue. I applaud him and praise the Lord for his boldness. Thank you to Dr. James White for alerting to the attention of us “plebs”… enjoy.


News came to the Christian twittersphere yesterday via Dr. White that the U.S. Navy is naming a ship after homosexual rights icon Harvey Milk.  I have nothing unique to contribute in terms of the record of Harvey Milk’s life, but I am a seven-year Navy veteran who specialized in floating gray vessels, so it’s probably a good idea to dispel some potential myths or untruths that have arisen or may arise later concerning the nature of this news.

If you are a Navy veteran of any kind, this post will probably teach you close to nothing.  The aim here is to assist fellow Christians in understanding the particulars and especially to help Christian bloggers to avoid perpetrating erroneous information.

Why USNS, not USS?

USS (United States Ship) is the prefix given to commissioned warships.  Commissioned warships have an all-military crew.  You can think of these as the ships that put…

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