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Tim Challies, the Christian blogger extraordinaire!

Tim Challies has blogged for what seems like an eternity. He’s got a daily counter on the bottom of his webpage and it’s a large number. I don’t foresee or really desire to even attempt at matching that total, ever. But, with a new small group/class I am leading on Christian singleness and the Theology of it, i.e it being a good thing, this article has come about in a timely manner. I have been stressing over this for some time now. More so in the last few days because it begins next week. It’s wonderful to read an article highlighting the very point I stress as well. Do you have the “gift” of singleness? To answer with a question, are you married? No? Then yeah, you have the gift. Simple as that, but with much more nuance and depth to the argument why it is a good thing. I would highly suggest Barry Danylak’s book Redeeming Singleness:How the Storyline of Scripture Affirms the Single Life.


What is this gift of singleness that demands so much attention from Christian pastors and writers? And when some believers have such a strong desire to be married, is it right and considerate to refer to singleness as a gift? These are valid questions that stem from a desire to understand a tricky text. In…

via What Is the Gift of Singleness? — – Informing the Reforming

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