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RC Sproul’s “The Holiness of God” pt. 5

Continuing my series going through RC Sproul’s, “The Holiness of God.”

Chapter five, The Insanity of Luther

My primary experience of knowing about Luther, his life and what he did, is very small. As a child, apart from knowing he nailed the 95 theses on a door of a church to defy the church of Rome, I didn’t know anything. Most of what I know about him now actually comes from some lectures of RC Sproul. Other things of Luther I know outside of RC Sproul’s tutelage are of equal value, such as; Luther might not have been the one to “nail” them on the door, it could have been someone doing at his behest, they probably weren’t nailed with this great gusto just a simple posting, it wasn’t this great challenge but simply a request to debate a certain topic, he was scared to death to do it, and that he was devoted to the church of Rome completely before this illustrious occasion. And so many are thankful he did.

Dr. Sproul uses this chapter to highlight Martin Luther. “Why”, a person may ask, “is Martin Luther being discussed in a book about God’s Holiness?” A simple reason really. Luther imbibed God’s Holiness. He shuttered at it, so much so, it brought him that Isaiah 6 anguish of soul. Luther needed a hot coal of God’s grace in Christ to cleanse his understanding and heart, before he could get close to Him. It took time, as often it does, but after the lights were turned up they quickly went “to eleven.” Here is a “brief” word from RC Sproul on Martin Luther.

Now onto the questions…

  1. When you look into the mirror of God’s holiness, what do you see? What do you learn about yourself and about God? When I look into that mirror I see a blinding light. A light I cannot see through, it pierces my very being to the point where I should rightly run. Run so far away, I must remove myself from all contact with anything that may further stain my sight. But I would fail, I know I would. So I pray for something to enable me to look at this unapproachable light…
  2. What do you do with your guilt about your sin? Therefore, I take this guilt to the cross, where it was dealt with in finality. Then I pray for the forgiveness I so need and desire, and so undeservedly request.
  3. What does “the just shall live by faith” mean to you personally? It means, growth without fear. I have freedom, freedom to grow more like the righteousness that I do not have. I do this by faith, faith that I have received the cloak of Christ’s righteousness. Not a change in my body’s structure, an intrinsic change I don’t have but a change of motivation, and for that I may live continually in the mirror of God’s holiness, trodding along in faith I will never have taken from me.
  4. How can you worship God for justifying you? By striving to disciple others to the same. By striving to be more like Christ in thought, and deed, and desire.

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