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Things I’m reading December 2016…

I wanted to make a blog post and couldn’t decide on what to write, also my mind is elsewhere so I just wanted to write something so as to distract me. So, seeing as the last time I wrote a what I’m reading was about seven months ago, I figured an update was in order. I’ve read quite a bit since then (not as much as I’d like but still a good amount) and am in the process of finishing some things as well. Here are the lists…

Books I’ve finished (as of Dec 9 2016)

Of all of these to pick ones that were my favorite is a bit difficult. I would suggest all of them to any who asked, but four stood out the most for practical purposes and two for sheer enjoyment’s sake. ‘Canon Revisited’, ‘Did Jesus Speak Greek?’, ‘Redeeming Singleness’, and ‘This Momentary Marriage’ are extremely practical and enlightening. Though they are both enlightening and practical, ‘Sinners’ and ‘Don’t Fire Your Church Members’ were just an enjoyment to read. For the reason being that I love Jonathan Edwards and am an ardent Congregationalist.

Books I’m currently working on (as of Dec 9 2016)

So just to compare with where I was at seven months ago, there were 8 then as apposed to 13 now as far as books I’ve read; there were 8 then and 12 now I’m currently working on. I didn’t purposely add more, some just sit on the shelf and I just feel the need to open them up and start “going at it.” The two I’m particularly loving going through are the biography of Jonathan Edwards and ‘Under the Black Flag’, I love Edwards and I love Pirates. A couple of these I don’t foresee finishing any time soon, but a couple I will probably get through in a few more days (before the year is out). The most amusing thing to me is four of those in the currently reading list are in no way light reading and two of those are technically textbooks in colleges/seminaries.  Just an interesting tidbit about my love of theology (or nerdy-ness if you will).

I promise the next post will be substance and not a blasé boredom post…

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