10 Serious Problems with Jesus Calling – Tim Challies

I had a brief conversation about this book with one my pastors at Sunday service this morning. I’d never read it but heard much about it. From the information I’ve received I can never endorse anyone read it. Coincidentally (*side note* I don’t believe in coincidences) enough, Tim Challies replied to an email from him regarding this post from a year ago. Since this is something I’ve heard of, researched, and dealt with personally, I felt it pertinent to post Tim Challies’ blog article for my first post of the year. I promised a post of substance and Tim Challies is better than I at that. So here, for your consideration…

Jesus Calling is a phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down. But it needs to be read with care. Here are 10 serious problems with Jesus Calling.

Source: 10 Serious Problems with Jesus Calling – Tim Challies