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RC Sproul’s “The Holiness of God” pt. 6

Continuing my series going through RC Sproul’s, “The Holiness of God.”

Chapter six, Holy Justice

To think about the justice of God is quite daunting. This is because, quite frankly, it is  rooted in His supreme goodness; if He is good He must have perfectly good justice, therefore all innocence is rewarded and all the guilty will be punished. The failure for most on this topic, the justice and goodness of God, is that they usually view it with their own understanding of the points: goodness, justice, innocence, and guilty. When trying to understand another person or being it is best to understand them through their own self revelation. With God it is the same way. And that is what this chapter is about. Dr. Sproul goes through some of the more difficult texts many have whitewashed or explained away to get the, “grittiness” out of the Old Testament’s view of the justice and holiness of God. Small spoiler warning, the God of the Old Testament is in no small order the God Jesus called Father and little known fact… Jesus is that same God as well… Hypostatic union and the Trinity, chew on those doctrines and relish their beauty…

Now onto the questions…

  1. In what ways does God’s justice frighten you? In what ways does it comfort you? It frightens me in its finality. There is no escaping His justice. It will be done, “Will not the judge of all things do right?” It comforts me when I think of His justice being wrought in His Son Jesus Christ. In Him, God is both just and the justifier.
  2. What is your response when you realize that you deserve to die because of your sin? It is a means to bring me to the foot of the cross. I don’t even deserve to go to the cross, I don’t deserve the grace to have faith in Christ. I am grateful the Lord has mercy on whom He has mercy.
  3. What is your response when you realize that God’s justice demanded Christ’s death for you? Utter awe and solemnity. His self giving of Himself is something to truly idolize and aspire towards emulating in other ways.
  4. In what ways has God demonstrated His mercy to you? For one, that I am still here. With all that I have done against His holy name, everything thing that I fail to do and even accomplish(albeit unsatisfactorily), He still shows mercy. What a great and magnificent God!

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