Why The Debate Over The Star Spangled Banner Has Been Brewing For Over 2,000 Years

There is little I could add to this, an immensely profound and erudite, post from brother Darrell Harrison. I’ve found him by way of another good brother in the Lord (whom I will not mention for fear of adding to his popularity and the fact of his famous status), and will continue to read his insights into a confusing topic. I’ve never liked racial inequality issues. In the past I attributed it, more or less, to being raised in the S.F. Bay Area where it’s a bit hard to find amongst the non gang initiated. But now, I see it in a strictly Christian theological context, and brother Darrell hits the nail on the proverbial head.

I could see myself refusing to stand for the American National anthem (or any national anthem for that matter), but not because of supposed racial injustice, but because this nation (and all the rest of the secular based nations i.e all which are “of this world”) absolutely rejects truth, all truth. Please read the post in question before you decide to comment on what I have said, for it is the impetus of my own words.

Just Thinking...for Myself statue of “The A&T Four” on the campus of North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Over the course of human history, the goal of all protest has been to change minds and influence behavior.

Whether it is the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, or Black Lives Matter, all dissent, be it corporate or individual, has as a common denominator one, if not both, of the aforementioned objectives. But given our normal propensity to focus on what a particular protest may or may not ultimately be designed to accomplish, what is often overlooked is that antecedent to the aims of any protest are its motives.

Irrespective of the issues being contended or the methods employed to bring those issues to the attention of the masses – a requisite if any protest is to achieve its stated goals – what is intrinsic to any complaint, demurral, or remonstration is a standard of righteousness that is…

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