A Prime Example of How…

This is a prime example of how TGC must do a better job of policing its content of relevance and significance (as far as what gets published). The link I’m giving you is a great response to Pastor Anyabwile, with a few poignant questions to be answered. I can’t help but see a few parallels to the methods and ideology of AHA (Abolish Human Abortion).

The author writes,

In the unpublished series, I say a great deal about generalizations. Generalizations are all the rage these days. They’re easy, provocative, and they do make a point. I affirm, in that series, that a generalization can be made in one of two ways. The first way is hastily. One can make a hasty generalization and I define a hasty generalization as an unwarranted, or unsupported, claim about a group of people. The other way is a warranted generalization. These kinds of generalizations are warranted by things like statistics, for example. “Most American citizens above the age of 18 have a right to vote,” is a generalization, but it’s warranted.

Now, I support TGC and its purpose, but when the issues being put forth are formatted poorly, the content of various speakers/mouthpieces isn’t truly gospel/biblically focused, and there is no push back within the founders/editors/regional heads, they become no different than: PC(USA), United Methodist Churches, and other wildly unorthodox SJW (social justice warrior) Christians.

via Thabiti and TGC: A Response | The Baptist Reformation

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