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It’s Not Just a Life, It’s A CHILD!!!

There is this feature on Mac computers called the reading list. It’s where you go and put things to read them later. I personally use it for reference material; potential blog topics or articles/conceptual ideas for a book I am in the process of writing.

It is long, possessing topics from demonic possession, ship in a bottle kits, guitar chords, elder/deacon standards, discipling, singleness/marriage, and my hobby horse… abortion. I don’t talk abortion much here on the blog for a very good reason; I was very near sinful in my discussions with advocates of and against.

About a year or so ago I ceased bringing up more than a passing comment concerning the matter for I lost a dear brother in Christ’s friendship over the matter. I’d ceased broaching the topic and him and I had a brief conversation. Amidst very hurtful comments to me from him I ended the friendship. One must be very careful in calling another Christian’s actions offensive to God.

The pro-life/anti-abortion side of the political and religious isles is a slippery place to be. Quite a few of the proponents get very heated and passionate about the topic; and rightfully so. I myself am in the ending abortion immediately camp and prefer the moniker “anti-abortion” as apposed to “pro-life”. I speak on it briefly here, frankly it gets the point across a little more clearly in my judgement.

But what I want to write about here is one of those articles I have saved. The article in question is written by Kyle Perisic and you can find it linked here, he wrote in January of last year. In the article he goes about highlighting that, according to polling more Americans believe limiting abortion is right and good. In the first few paragraphs a point made is quite salient to why I find much of the article a bit disgusting. He writes,

“While 51 percent of respondents identified as pro-choice, 60 percent of them said they support limitations on abortions, such as backing a ban on the procedures after 20 weeks of pregnancy and opposing the use of tax dollars to pay for them.” Perisic (2018)

Nothing in this quote finds support in either of the definitions of what each camp–“pro-choice”(PC) or “pro-life”(PL)–describe themselves as. The poll also corroborated this idea of a lack of clarity when asking a followup question to their PC or PL identity, “When does life begin?”

Admittedly the article doesn’t go much further than stating the poll’s findings, but the findings show something telling even just about a year ago. The questions being asked and the issues being pushed aren’t getting any fundamental ideas changed regarding the murder of children in their mother’s womb. Laws? Maybe. Ideas and motivations? Nope.

The question isn’t “When does life begin?”, there are too many things packed in that question. How does one define life? What kind of life? Why is the life significant? What worldview does this person possess? And to me the most salient point, Why should they even care and why do you care what they think?

As Christians we should care immensely. What is inside a woman growing to full maturity isn’t just an individual life. That it is alive is not even debatable (which, personally, is stupid) and this Atlantic article gives evidence why I can be quite dogmatic on the point. It’s a human child most importantly, and it bears the image of God making him/her immeasurably valuable. What’s just as salient is the mother, father, and even the doctor performing said abortion bear the same image and will be held liable before the almighty Judge for their actions and intentions.

The “pro-life” movement hasn’t made the in-roads that they should have in the last 40 years. They won’t until the true Christians in it start making explicit biblical arguments regardless of the fallout from fellow “pro-lifers”. The gospel changes hearts, minds, and cultures, we don’t change hearts, minds and culture to get the gospel in.

Please go check out End Abortion Now for really great resources and evidence on how to help bring the gospel to these people destroying their own and other’s souls.

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