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I Will Not Go On Without You…

Three years ago when I watched this story unfold I was enthralled and energized for these men I had never met but known of for years. Finally waiting to get to actually see the experience unfold with my eyes was something else.

Climbing, for almost a decade, was the largest part of my life and it was all spent with a climbing partner, since childhood he had been my best friend in the world. This documentary of the greatest climb in the world is more than a climb, it’s a story of being alone and finding purpose.

In Tommy Caldwell’s story it became impossible to forge ahead without this partner who created an established purpose. The care developed by these two people is something every person dreams of. The ideal of,

“I will not go on without you.”

It is something everyone wants to hear, but few will grasp it by the hand and will it to go forward. Against unspeakable odds, to forge through the flames of self perceived or even real genuine diversity. This is a film of friendship and not of a rock climb of historical proportions.

I nearly shed tears numerous times watching it, sorrowful of my own loss of friendships, of my loss of the best climbing partner, the sorrow of traveling life without someone to say,

“I will not go on without you.”

The memories and emotions wrought through this film, for me, bring up the one thing in this life that has brought me satisfaction and joy beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I do think the men who completed the journey I witnessed would probably find their own emotions comparable. However, I am speaking of true joy that is only contained in the gospel with obedience. Until coming to be a part of what I believe whole heartedly to be the closest appearance of an “Acts 2 kind of church.” I was seeking the joy these two men experienced.

No relationship with a woman, no friendship with a living being, no climb, no drug can compare to the elation I feel when a part of my congregation. Even amidst turmoil within, I never have the feeling I could ever come to the action of abandoning what the Lord has placed in my life. That which I needed from the earliest days of it.

My life has become devoted fully towards loving Christ the only way I know how, growing in the knowledge of God in the scriptures and amidst his people. Devoted to enduring the suffering of killing my sin and imparting comfort to those doing the same. Devoted to being obedient to the calling of a churchman, and making sure everyone who is willing to stay near me hears in some way from me,

“I don’t want to go on without you.”

For, however encouraging it was to Kevin Jorgeson that Tommy said so, may it be even more so to any saint that hears the same from me.

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