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A Year for Hope…

This blog was not intended be explicitly personal, but this last year or so it has become a public journal of sorts. Something to get out my struggles walking as a Christian man in the “prime” years of his life. One of my favorite theologians has been Jonathan Edwards and in his early years he made a list of resolutions, 70 to be exact, and he resolved to read them over once a day.

Wether or not the beloved preacher did so is not the matter here, nor is the sheer volume of them. No! What I aim to do here is give a short list of my personal resolves for 2019. For I have come to the conviction to make 2019 a year of personal hope and the resolve and desire to be more joyful and devoted to my great God and Savior Christ Jesus.

Here I give 7 Resolutions. There are assuredly more to be had but these shall suffice and since I am only 10% the man Edwards was, it seems fitting.

To be the churchman I am called to be.
Since moving to Oregon and becoming convicted of the necessity of being in a local church I have made it my life’s endeavor to integrate myself into it as one would their biological family. My last season of life has shown me I must do better. Whatever one’s view from the outside as to what this entails matters not to me, for I know what my heart is on the matter and it has been entirely full of conviction towards my lack in this area. May God be magnified in my endeavors and bless them in the process.

To be entirely consistent in hearing God speak through his word daily.
My lack of daily meditation through reading the scriptures is undoubtedly a primary fault in the consequence of the former point. As it (reading the scriptures) is most certainly the only manner in which we hear God speak infallibly, simply meditating on the scriptures, and not reading them consistently as well, is not enough. As I am want to meditate on them throughout my day, I must begin the day with scripture and meditate after the fact.

To return to finding my supreme joy in Christ by 
devoting myself wholly to Him.
I was discouraged to find a former idol I thought was conquered was only in a dormant state. My idolatry of having a romantic relationship and the feeling a need for a spouse was shown quite clearly. I am humbled and thankful to God Almighty for showing my lack of devotion in this realm of sanctification. May I, in every way, reject the feeling and desire of this being a necessity or even a probability until fearing God unto swearing a supreme and ultimate allegiance to Him is manifest. No matter how long it takes.

To make the pursuit of accountability a growing delight and not simply a duty.
May God see fit to give me a delight in making my life accountable to others. That He present me with brothers and sisters in Christ who are more than capable to hold my actions, affections, devotions, and purpose to be wholly devoted to Him and His kingdom. May He give me no slack in this arena and may He give the grace to be an example to others.

To be purposeful in physical fitness so as to be capable in
years to come to fulfill my calling as a churchman.
That the physical health I now pursue be not an idolatrous pursuit, but one fitting to be called glorifying. Actions such as, healthy eating, ceasing smoking, cycling regularly (and encouraging others to join), climbing, taking hikes and enjoying the opportunity to do it with others. I pray the Lord grant me the blessing of seeing my body as a temple worthy of his presence for in the years gone by it has been a destitute and appalling show of deception.

To see my value as one identified in Christ.
Not to have a low view of myself. Having the psychological outlook of inward hatred of myself has never been a motivation. Seeing myself as a wretch in need of salvation has many merits, but it would seem manifestly true that I need to repeat daily of how God looks at His children who seek obedience. That He delights in them and sees them as the apple of His eye. Since I am one of His children and seek supreme obedience to the Lord who bought me with His blood, I must see myself as such and regard the thoughts and confirmation of those around me more dutifully. It is not enough to give encouragement and praise to others, if one is not willing to receive it in like manner. Since our Lord said “It is better to give , than to receive,” it is assuredly sinful not to give someone else the blessing of receiving that which they have given me from their very soul.

To continue striving towards the future and ceasing to dwell on the past.
The past cannot change, only the way in which I view the past towards my growth in sanctification. A healthy meditation of what God has done in and through me with regard to my former life and past years is good and well purposed, as long as it is constantly viewed in light of what Christ will do for me in conforming me to His image.

May God use me as He sees fit, for as the Potter, He knows what He wills to do with His clay. I am a vessel in His hands. Amen

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