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Underneath the Surface of What They See is Way More…

I often get the feeling of deporting myself from all daily life. This doesn’t mean I hate people, or want to die, or anything of the sort. What it means is my interaction with and experience of daily living exhausts me and I would much rather be in a cave away from all people till my days in this life come to an end.

I recall a sermon where the speaker began discussing a story he was told years ago. In the story a young 8 year old girl asked her pastor why, if Jesus and heaven is the next life’s end result, if it is so good, why not die and go there? It is a great and serious question from an 8 year old, wise beyond her years certainly.

The answer he gave revolved around Jesus’ words in John 17. The answer explicated had to do with why God has his people carry on through the storm of life. It has to do with the spread of the kingdom, not promulgating that kingdom with our actions, speech, and daily living is selfish, destructive, disobedient, and may even signal a false faith.

I am an introvert by preference and habit. It takes more than most know for me to “get out and do.” My motivation to do so is because of obedience, and my personality is such that I often spread myself pretty thin. I used to say I wouldn’t live past 55, I still am not sure I will and it is probably because of the emotional and physical strain I put on my person.

The most difficult thing for me is not the things I do or are said concerning those things. The most difficult thing is my reaction to them and the obedience I want to show. Not obedience others see mind you. The obedience I want seen is the obedience God sees. The internal desire of obedience and the outward working of that obedience.

In scripture believers are told to work as if no one is watching. It praises non complaining attitudes. It asks us to reflect on our motives before and after we do work, and say anything.

Often, the difficult thing is not to say anything, but I got to ask… when can we say something? In whom can we rely on hearing our difficulties and the struggles we have in performing daily tasks that overwhelm us? Many people only see few tasks and never hear of the strife that occurs in a person’s head.

I’ve encountered these things multiple times, and never expect it to stop. Some people don’t care to delve that deep in your life, but will always seem to want to point the “errors” in your life as they see them. Not seeking to inquire about the breadth of the “offense” they see is hypocritical at worst and lazy or uncaring at best.

I try and not be that person, fail some, succeed some, and all in all know a few people who know me best who will be honest with critique, praise, or criticism. When those people speak up I jump higher and faster. God places those people in our lives to help us grow.

I’m not sure ignoring the one’s not in the negative camp is the wisest thing to do, but their voice should not cause great concern, for they do not know the depths to which they speak. They only see the surface. Sanctification is a long and often slow process. Because it is a community endeavor, I press on to daily life and listen to those I have chosen (and God has given me) to be advocates and helpers in my life.

I hope you realize you probably need to find real friends and family that do so for you.

2 thoughts on “Underneath the Surface of What They See is Way More…

  1. Awww yes feeling over whelmed or over worked or over looked for over work and yet keeping it to yourself without letting on to anyone that maybe you are drowning. When to tell someone, or just do all things without complainging is the question I often throw around in my head. Many times I fail and burst other times I just let it go and keep on going. As for confiding in others the frustrations or thoughts that I keep to myself, I am not sure if it is even worth it anymore. One day I too will leave this life and all those times will be dust in the air. So why spend this life here on this earth wasting valuable energy on stressing about it. Good post!


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