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Weddings, Being Single, and Where it Ends…

It’s been a long year for me, full college schedule, a summer of traveling; seeing old friends, visiting family, and trying to get back on track after a really bad ending to tough season of life. But things press on and there are more people having tougher problems than I. Not only tougher lives but seemingly better lives.

I’ve had the the privilege of spending an extended time with a family very dear to my heart. I was a witness and confidant of three of their children’s baptisms. As a Reformed Baptist (to those who know what that is, what comes next will be meaningful) I take that seriously and with great joy. They took this single 30-something fella into their home and let me be a part of it for nearly a week. I got to see and participate in all the bumps and bruises. They didn’t “put a face on” the didn’t “sugar cote” their life for my witnessing. They were genuine, and it meant more than words can express. To be honest they’ve always done those things, but it meant so much more within the context I now live and the distance that are from me.

To attend 3 weddings, each one giving more Christian grandeur than the last, has been a blessing and progressively difficult. The difficulty of getting beyond my own lack of any potential future wife and going “to another wedding stag.” Albeit my own trial to get over and not announce with wanted pity. Each one came with difficulties to me (and any other person within a similar predicament would understand), but the benefit and witnessing of them was more than prosperous to my soul.

The local church I am a member of has a great deal of children being born, and it satisfies my soul more than many understand. On a small level I am sad, but on a greater level I am overjoyed. I have no children, will likely never have children, but I get to experience being around them constantly. This small glimpse of what they have gives my heart gratitude that God has seen fit to place amongst these blessed saints; and bless me with a garnered trust to be a part of helping to raise their children.

At the most recent wedding I participated in one of my pastors read from Revelation. I say participated intentionally. Not that I was a groomsman, nor even in the wedding party, nor even an integral part of the festivities; only to speak theologically. As a witness, I am promised to help their marriage continue to be a picture of the ultimate reality it points toward. In the passage read from, it pictures the ultimate day when Christ’s Church is reunited to him in perpetuity. A physically present perpetuity; one that is not only spiritual but one where faith truly becomes sight. Sight in every way imaginable and then more.

This is the reason Christians do not bemoan their single “status.” There is no matrimonial state that has sway in why a Christian studies the subject. Whether a Christian weds or not we are to study to help wedded people, learn more of what marriage is, discover what scripture says to everyone in every situation, and face the glorious reality of what every marriage is supposed to represent… Christ and his bride.

Do I still believe I’ll ever be married?
No, a very strong no.

Why is that the case?
That is for my own mental machinations to wrestle with.

Do I enjoy weddings?
The ceremony not the reception.

Do I love hearing of weddings, babies, and families?
Yes, regardless of how it makes me jealous or opine forS my own. My God is bigger than my sadness and personal desires.

He’s got bigger fish for me to fry.

It all ends with Christ and his bride, not mine.

“I am single-minded: Forgetting the things that are behind and reaching out for the things that are ahead, with this goal in mind, I strive toward the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

PHIL 3:13b–14 NET

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